How it works

The concept behind this revolutionary product is that they can be either utilised as a singular or multiple units placed together to provide the customised floor area to suit your business needs.

Just select Single or Multiple unit(s) that suits your need.


Ideal Size

Each coolroom floor area is 17m² (5.85m x 2.85m internal)


If you require 34m² of storage we simply remove wall and position second unit adjoining the first


If you require 51m² of storage simply repeat process with a third unit



Features & Benefits


Full modular capability allowing unlimited storage configuration


Industry leading internal space at 17m² delivering 35% more floor space than conventional refrigerated containers


Two pallet wide capability provides internal storage for eight pallets plus a centre walkway


Internal LED lighting including audible and visual fully integrated alarm system


Checker plate flooring for ease of trolley jack movement


Strong but light construction with a tare weight of just 1.92 tonne


CHILLER UNIT - Single phase 15Amp equipment

FREEZER UNIT - Three phase 20Amp equipment

Both units delivering unrivaled performance and quieter than similar 3phase offerings.